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Holtzman Vogel is nationally recognized for providing cutting edge legal strategies to the most high-profile clients in the country.

Our clients are Fortune 500 companies, non-profit corporations, trade associations, charities,  state legislatures, political campaigns, PACs, national party committees, and individuals engaged in issues at the federal, state, and local level.


Our firm innovates for clients who have to get to “yes.” Clients recognize our firm’s unique expertise and culture built to be responsive, creative and thorough.

Clients want our lawyers for their unique ability to protect their legal interests, but they choose our lawyers for their extraordinary commitment to guard their reputational interests.

Our Practice Areas

Business & Corporate Law

We incorporate organizations and establish LLCs, manage their critical day to day legal decisions, handle litigation, insurance and employee issues, along with the mounting legal challenges that can expose a company to huge liability. We work with clients to create and implement a comprehensive compliance program that addresses internal corporate governance, contracts, Human Resources compliance, advertising, firewall policies, tax issues, and communications. Our attorneys help businesses vet employees and consultants, streamline internal processes and run the most modern and efficient legal programs to save time, money and protect their legal and reputational interests.

Campaign Finance & Election Law

Campaign finance and election law is dynamic, complex and at the forefront of legal and regulatory scrutiny.  We provide guidance and election law services to candidates, non-profits, lobbyists, political committees, consultants and donors who rely on us to do the work so that they can focus on winning. We are nationally recognized as the most experienced in the election law field.  Our lawyers have served as Federal Election Commissioners and state lawmakers; they wrote many of the current election laws.  We understand that clients need clear and simple direction, immediate answers, thorough and standard processes, and a quick resolution of legal challenges.

Congressional Investigation

Holtzman Vogel, PLLC’s (Holtzman Vogel) is one of the leading political law firms in the nation with extensive experience helping clients navigate investigations that involve legal, political and reputational risks. Our team of lawyers represent companies and their executives that are the subject of or witnesses in congressional and agency investigations. We also conduct congressional and agency investigation and political law due diligence for companies in connection with mergers and acquisitions. Read More…

Constitutional Law

From redistricting issues to first amendment matters, we represent clients with complex constitutional issues.  We have succeeded in state and federal courts and at the United States Supreme Court.

Criminal Defense & Investigations

Our attorneys have come from the Department of Justice, served as prosecutors, and have decades of experience managing the investigation process. We know how to defend clients, limit their legal exposure, and protect their confidential or proprietary information as well as their reputation. Being experienced in the process and understanding the players is key to winning and it is why clients rely on us in criminal defense matters, government investigations, and regulatory investigations.

Commercial Litigation

We represent small businesses and large corporations in cases involving breach of contract, fraud, economic conspiracy, consumer protection disputes and other business torts.  We have a track record of winning commercial cases in state and in federal district courts.

Government Investigations

We represent clients in all manners of government investigations, including enforcment actions, internal investigations and inquiries by state attorneys general, Congress, the DOJ and other agencies. The regulated community is under increased scrutiny and our goal is to guide individuals and organizations through the process to avoid charges filed, costly litigation or damage to reputation.

Internal Corporate Governance

Our lawyers have years of experience helping consulting firms, trade associations, charities, advocacy groups, corporations and their officers and directors manage and adhere to strict compliance rules. We handle every aspect of the setup and day to day activity–organizational documents, filings, director meetings, board resolutions, insurance, firewalls and HR services. No organization wants to deal with the headaches caused by inadequate internal processes or poor advice, and they utilize our lawyers when the stakes demand perfect structures and processes.

IRS Compliance

We provide comprehensive IRS compliance services focused on perfectly preparing clients on the front end for the inevitable scrutiny they will endure. No business, donor, coalition, trade association, advocacy group, or political committee can afford to make a mistake when navigating the deadlines, filings, and nuances of IRS rules.

Lobbying Compliance

The stakes have never been higher for those who lobby.  An unblemished corporate reputation and a successful lobbying campaign require perfect compliance with ethics and gift rules, lobbying disclosures, and elections laws.  We handle every aspect of lobbying compliance, including recording keeping and filing of lobbyist reports, and we understand that lobbying disclosures have become a tool of your opposition.

Nonprofits & Charities

Non-profit organizations – from charities to advocacy groups – have never been subject to more oversight and regulation. Our lawyers can help your organization navigate the maze of corporate, tax, fundraising, lobbying, and election laws that apply to groups that operate in the public space. We set up your organization and put a legal compliance program in place so your can focus on your cause.


Our firm is home to an unprecedented consolidation of redistricting expertise. Attorneys in our practice have served in the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice, been an elected officeholder responsible for redistricting, directed the process for a national party committee, and litigated countless challenges. We represent states, localities, and political parties, and our depth of experience in redistricting has brought successes from state courts to the United States Supreme Court.

Regulatory Law

The regulatory environment is treacherous for those who lack proper guidance. We prepare clients for every interaction with regulators and make certain they can succeed in the current environment. We represent businesses, lobbyists, organizations, government entities, and elected officeholders as they deal with compliance, investigations, and government enforcement actions. Our attorneys are uniquely qualified as former regulators themselves and experts in the field to make success possible in a difficult climate of increased enforcement and ever-expanding regulation.

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