Congressional Investigation

Holtzman Vogel is one of the leading political law firms in the nation with extensive experience helping clients navigate investigations that involve legal, political and reputational risks. Our team of lawyers represent companies and their executives that are the subject of or witnesses in congressional and agency investigations. We also conduct congressional and agency investigation and political law due diligence for companies in connection with mergers and acquisitions.

As Washington becomes more polarized and partisan, many industries, companies and executives find themselves as unwitting players in the contests between Congress and the Executive Branch and partisans on both sides of the aisle. Business competitors and industry activists are utilizing their allies on Capitol Hill to initiate congressional investigations with increasing frequency. They work with congressional leadership,committee and subcommittee chairs, and individual members to structure documents requests, subpoenas, and committee hearings to advance their common agendas and place companies in legal, political, and reputational jeopardy.

Congressional investigations are significantly different than litigation before state and federal courts. Our team understands what motivates the committee chairs, members, and staff to initiate investigations and the important role that crisis communications plays in these matters. At every step of an investigation we seek to develop opportunities to reduce exposure with the committee and press and mitigate the possibility of referrals to agency investigators and the Department of Justice. Understanding the entire political and legal scope of these unique proceedings is critical to achieving a positive outcome.

Holtzman Vogel works with your company’s executives, general counsel, government affairs and communications teams to navigate the significant political crosscurrents involved in these investigations. We help establish internal coordination between a company’s internal team and its outside advisors and attorneys. Early coordination is critical to avoiding mistakes that can cause collateral and costly damage later.

Understanding the facts and conducting internal investigations where necessary are also important steps to ensure informed decision making about responding to subpoenas, document requests or testimony and whether negotiating the scope of such requests may be productive. We will assist your company in responding to document requests, subpoenas, and press inquiries. If necessary, we will prepare witnesses for depositions and testimony in hearings and execute effective press strategies.

Holtzman Vogel’s team of lawyers have experience serving at the highest levels of government. Our lawyers have served as the chairs of federal agencies,agency counsel conducting the investigations, counsel to congressional leadership, counsel to House and Senate national party committees, and at the highest levels of the White House. In addition, our lawyers have represented clients in congressional investigations that have received coverage by the national press. We stand ready to represent you navigate these unique challenges if and when the need arises